We have moved to Texas!  2000 square feet with drive through is being built from the ground up!   More information coming soon!  

Company Vision

Black Sugar, a company with a heart, aims to provide consumers with a total café experience that brings value to consumers with an amazing sensorial journey through sight, taste, sounds, touch, and ultimately a space with unique ambiance where people can come together to enjoy great food, exceptional conversation and amazing environment.  It is Black Sugar’s further mission to give.  Giving brings the warmth to people and Black Sugar vows to never look away from the less privileged.  Black Sugar believes in caring for the needy and to feed the hungry. Each day Black Sugar saves extra foods for the hungry and the homeless not to be famed for its action but to do the right by the people.  Living life with moral, practice business with integrity, giving only to give more….true vision of Black Sugar.